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     Brother Grant, we have had tremendous success with the Bible Verses Book.  We have been using it for about 5 months, or more now and it has helped to increase our missionaries confidence in their ability to teach and relate to the people of the South.  
    Most of our missionaries come out with very little knowledge or understanding of the Bible and it has been very hard to get new contacts to listen to them, if they can’t show them where the Bible supports the Doctrine, that we are teaching. PMG has several of these scripture references as well, but the Bible Verses Book has them organized in a way that allows the missionary to access the information on the spot.  

     As I mentioned earlier, it has helped the missionaries with their confidence, which in turn has helped them to teach better.  It has been a valuable resource and contribution to our huge increase in finding new people.  

     I hope this helps and thanks for putting it together for our missionaries.  

Norman E Hansen

President, Arkansas Little Rock Mission  


It was a long week, but it happens. The best part was on Thursday when we got to teach Faith the Plan of Salvation. We met a new investigator couple of weeks ago and finally we were able to meet with her again. At the end of the lesson we invited her to pray to know if what we were teaching her was true, and she said,  " I don't need to pray. I already know it's true because you showed it to me in the word of God (the Bible)." She is the best, and we are hoping to teach her the Restoration next time we see her. It was just refreshing to actually see someone accept what we taught them, especially after showing them in the Bible. I pray that she accepts the message of the Restoration and that she is prepared. I just want so badly to teach someone really solid.  

Sister Scott 

Arkansas Little Rock Mission

Michael, I just finished your book, and I must say as Ward Mission Leader for almost 10 years, I have never read anything more valuable to Missionary work than this book.

It also serves as a quick reference on specific subjects and wonderful answers to most every question.

It is quite amazing the thought and research you have put into this undertaking, it is my belief that every Missionary in my Stake should have a copy, so I have begun the process of making this happen. 

I am so happy you have included me in this effort to further the Missionary Work and I will talk to you soon!!!!!

John Bean

Ward Mission Leader

Vista 9th Ward

Having worked with missionaries as a counselor in two mission presidencies and having served as a missionary in South America I understand that conversion comes from the Holy Ghost, the Book of Mormon and from the testimony of others.  However, many times people investigating the Gospel have sincere questions and look for answers from their Bible. Michael Grant has put together a masterful reference book that will enlighten and answer most, if not all of their questions.  This is a wonderful tool, and I highly recommend it to our missionaries, those attending mission prep classes, and anyone who has a neighbor, friend or contact that wants to discuss religion. 

John H. Burgon

First Counselor, California Carlsbad Mission

     I’m grateful for the opportunity to pen this testimonial for “Bible Verses That Every Successful LDS Missionary Needs to Know”.  Michael Grant has been able to identify the major topics associated with the differences in Christian doctrine that exists within the thousands of different Christian denominations, and to identify the Bible scriptures that support Book of Mormon doctrine. He has carefully articulated the connection between the scriptures used by non-Mormons to disprove Mormon doctrine, and the Biblical references that prove the Book of Mormon doctrines to be correct. 

     In this very helpful work, Michael has given some great tools to the full-time Missionaries as they meet with members of other denominations and discuss opposite views. He wisely suggests that the book is not designed to assist in “Bible bashing,” but instead, to have thoughtful, respectful discussions guided by the spirit.

Larry Dean

Senior Missionary Coordinator SRS

California San Diego Region

Bible Verses That Every Successful LDS Missionary Needs to Know”, by Michael Grant, is a collection of scriptures with his own annotations that provides an excellent companion for any scripture study. Although Michael’s focus is to help missionaries find connections between the teachings of the Bible and those of the Book of Mormon, I found the collection especially interesting as a general study tool. Michael’s commentary is also helpful because he has both the perspective of one who deeply understands LDS teachings and one who derived his initial understanding of Christianity solely from the Bible and traditional interpretations of it. I strongly recommend his work to anyone who enjoys studying scripture.

Matthew Bradford

Bishop, Seminary Teacher

Bible Verses That Every Successful LDS Missionary Needs to Know”, by Michael Grant, is a very helpful resource for Teachers, Full Time and Member Missionaries. Michael's exhaustive research combined with insightful commentary can help anyone navigate most every gospel topic in the Old and New Testament. Every member of the church should be well versed in the Bible and this wonderful book makes that lofty goal more achievable.

Richard Whittier

President, Murrieta California Stake

I think the book is amazing! Being able to read and have it explained made it so much easier to make connections to what is really being taught. I found it helpful in my understanding of how the Bible and the Book of Mormon complement each other. I think anyone serving a mission or preparing to go on a mission should have access to this book. It will help them be prepared to build on common ground when talking and teaching to people investigating the church. Amazing book, amazing author! 

Elder Bret Wilson

California Carlsbad Mission

Michael Grant's book helped me to solidify my understanding of the truths that I already had a testimony of. The book helped me to develop my understanding and appreciation of the Bible as well as increase my ability to teach from it. I recommend it for all LDS missionaries regardless of where they are serving.  Thanks for all you did for me Brother Grant!

Elder Shiloh Mangus 

California Carlsbad Mission

I didn’t realize how poor my Bible knowledge was until I went on my mission. I was struggling at first trying to teach using only the Book of Mormon. My mission was in Texas and the people I was talking with were all Bible educated Christians. When they would present to me a scripture from the Bible supporting their belief or the teaching of their church, I didn’t know a Bible scripture to answer them with. My mission did not begin to take off until I learned to teach from the Bible first and then introduce Book of Mormon scripture. I wish I had this book before I went on my mission.

Chris Morgan

Returned Missionary

Brother Grant, I loved this book!  I now understand the GOSPEL so much more because I have studied the Bible through this book.  I have been able to answer my own questions as well as others'.  It has helped my testimony of the Book of Mormon as I have been able to see how they work together and testify of each other. This book is AMAZING! Thank you so much! 

Sister Danielle Marie Dean

California Carlsbad Mission

This is a great book. I have been able to answer my own questions and the questions of those I teach as I've studied the specific topics in the book. Surprisingly, I've been able to connect with those who have great knowledge of the Bible rather than "bashing".

Elder Erik Robert Kapp

California Carlsbad Mission


I wish I had this book before I went on my mission to Ecuador. It didn’t take me long to discover that I needed to teach first from the Bible. My first companion asked me, “How’s your knowledge of the Bible?” He could tell from the look on my face that the answer was “not very good”. He then said to me, “Learn the Bible and teach every lesson from it”. Was he ever right. All of us missionaries in Ecuador learned very quickly that we had to teach from the Bible before we could teach from the Book of Mormon. Once we showed them scriptures from the Bible supporting what we were teaching, they were willing to listen to Book of Mormon scripture.

Elder Cason Flygare

Return Missionary


Mike, our discussions and your book have made me really think.  We as Latter-Day Saints seem to have forgotten the value of the Bible.  I want to refocus and gain a better understanding of the value of the Bible...The first witness of Jesus Christ.

Kevin D. Moffett

Ordinance Worker, San Diego Temple

I am honored to have one of the original copies of your book! I was wanting to know if there are any changes in the new book, how much and if I could get one? Thank you for this new resource!

Austin Atkin

Missionary, California Carlsbad Mission


Hey Elders and Sisters, there is a member in the Murrieta, CA stake who authored a book to help missionaries become more familiar with what the bible teaches about our beliefs! His name is Michael W. Grant. Follow his Facebook page! His book is available online on June 12 at BooksByMichaelGrant.Com. He has printed a few copies in binder form to give to some of the local missionaries, including myself. Our mission President has authorized the use of this book as a resource and I highly recommend it! Michael Grant was a convert in his late teens, studying to be a Catholic priest, and he proclaims that the bible was what converted him. Message me if you want to know more about this great book!

Trevor Patton

California Carlsbad Mission


Brother Grant, serving in the Bible Belt I have often thought how much more effective our missionaries could be if they would take the time to understand and know the Bible. Thanks for reaching out to me.

President Weston Innes

South Carolina Columbia Mission


This book has really helped me in my studies of the Bible!  When I have had questions about things, I have been able to study them and gain a greater understanding of LDS doctrine from the Bible.  It has really helped me understand how the Book of Mormon and the Bible are now one hand!  When I am teaching or when tracting, I am now prepared to answer questions from the Bible.  Showing someone LDS doctrine from the Bible has definitely benefited my missionary efforts.

Elder Braden Robert Figgins 

California Carlsbad Mission


Bible Verses Every Successful LDS Missionary Needs to Know,  has proven to be very beneficial to my mission. It not only taught me the important teachings of the Bible, it gave me a greater understanding of different religion's interpretations of the scripture, and helps me to connect with people from different faiths. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the Bible.

Elder Tyler Eddington

California Carlsbad Mission


Brother Grant, I received your email and my copy of “Bible Verses Every successful LDS Missionary Needs to Know”.  It is comprehensive and very helpful.  Thank you for sending it.  It will be very helpful in training our missionaries

Jordan P. Peterson

President, Texas Houston Mission


Brother Grant, this book has greatly enhanced my study and shown more of the hidden structure of the early church throughout the writings of the Bible. I have been searching for these resources for nearly two years; and now they are becoming clear.   This book is an amazing source for all members of the church to rouse interest in the teachings of the Bible, especially prospective missionaries. I am deeply enthused at your work and look forward to any further insight as updates are made.  Thank you for this book and all you are doing to help us in our missionary work.  Your book will greatly enhance our teaching efforts and the understanding for missionaries in the future.

Bret Anderson 

Little Rock Arkansas Mission


Brother Grant, I wanted to let you know that I believe this is excellent material and well thought out! Certainly a help to any missionary seeking to better understand the Bible in their teaching truth. Thank you for taking the time to study this and provide solid guidance. Personally, I believe every member being more aware of how to  use your book would help them better clarify the doctrine and help bridge the understanding gap. I use your book for my personal studies and to better understand where other people of faith gain their beliefs. I believe it is making me more aware of how to relate to other faiths and in a non-contentious way teach pure doctrine. Thank you for being guided to put this together. It is so helpful to me and I’m grateful I have it to further clarify when missionaries have questions they receive from other faiths.

Eric Browning

President, Arizona Tucson Mission


Your book has helped me greatly in the fact that people can ask me questions and I know where to look for the answer. I've had multiple investigators or members even, that have come with problems that I couldn't answer right away. But with your book, the scriptures, and the spirit I can find answers to the most hard questions. Thank you so much.

Carter Caswell

California Carlsbad Mission


I really appreciate your insights. I am using your book to understand how I can communicate with my Christian friends.  I am so impressed with your book that I am now purchasing it for my niece who is serving a mission.

Rita Flores

Laveen Village, AZ


What I read of the book, before giving it to a Missionary who was leaving our Ward, was captivating! Did not want to give it up!! But felt inspired to do so. I was one of those converts that had to be taught from the Bible NOT “The Book of Mormon”! Truly EVERY missionary (while in the Church or out on a mission) would find this book extremely beneficial to their success!! 

Sheila Faith


I have returned home from my mission,   This book is a must have for every LDS Missionary!   A fantastic guide to LDS doctrine in the Bible!  Very well put together and extremely comprehensive.  It covers a very wide array of topics and  helps the reader to understand and teach them with Bible verses to back up the doctrine. This is a great book for everyday members, ward missionaries, and especially full time missionaries. I recommend it highly!

Elder Shiloh Mangus (#2)


Excellent Resource for Missionaries!  This book has almost every issue or controversial topic that could come up as a missionary, and Bible verses to support everything. Definitely a must-have for any missionary or anyone that wants to increase their Bible knowledge.

Submitted Anonymously 


For most Christians, the Bible is the only book presenting Gods word to the world.  That means if we want to teach our faithful brothers and sisters about our beliefs, we will need the Bible to do it.  Expand your knowledge of the Bible and the Book of Mormon with this informative and insightful look at key Bible verses and how they align with LDS teachings. 


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