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Michael Grant, About the Author...


     Michael Grant was raised in a family that was Roman Catholic and Presbyterian, educated in Catholic schools, and eventually preparing to become a Catholic priest. Discovering and converting to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was a challenge for both him and those teaching him. His Christian education was entirely based on Biblical scriptures, as is the case for the vast majority of investigators and converts to the LDS Church. What the Mormon missionaries and his LDS friends were teaching him about their faith needed to be substantiated first by the Bible, before he was going to accept any scripture(s) from the Book of Mormon. And he wasn’t going to make it easy on them!  They better know their Bible! 


     The missionaries had to scramble to find the Bible scriptures needed to backup their teachings from the Book of Mormon. They knew their Book of Mormon scriptures well, but their knowledge of Biblical scripture …. needed some help.  Fortunately they knew someone who did know his Bible, and they brought him along with them for each and every lesson.  This guy really knew his Bible! He had a Bible scripture to show Michael for every one presented to him by Michael supporting what he had been taught as a Catholic.     

    After having been shown the Bible scriptures supporting LDS doctrines and teachings, the lessons being taught began to make sense and were easier to accept. Michael was on his way to becoming a “Mormon” and he didn’t even know it.    



     Now the big questions that haunted Michael were; “Why isn’t my church teaching me these things? And why is my church ignoring these other Bible scriptures”?  He was now on a one-year quest to find, if it existed, the one true church, with priesthood authority, teaching what Jesus Christ and his Apostles taught the early Christians.  When he was done with all this research, along with sore knees and more prayer than he thought any God could listen too…. there was no longer any doubt in his mind and soul; he knew that he had found the one true church, the church originally established by Jesus Christ.

     What his conversion to the LDS faith, later working with church missionaries, teaching investigators, and discussions with other converts to the church had taught him; is that most of the non-members we may be talking to, need to be shown Bible scriptures supporting LDS teachings and doctrines, before they will accept scripture(s) from the Book of Mormon.   

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