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A Few Missionary Testimonials


I think the book is amazing! Being able to read and have it explained made it so much easier to make connections to what is really being taught. I found it helpful in my understanding of how the Bible and the Book of Mormon complement each other. I think anyone serving a mission or preparing to go on a mission should have access to this book. It will help them be prepared to build on common ground when talking and teaching to people investigating the church. Amazing book, amazing author! 

Elder Bret Wilson

California Carlsbad Mission

Michael Grant's book helped me to solidify my understanding of the truths that I already had a testimony of. The book helped me to develop my understanding and appreciation of the Bible as well as increase my ability to teach from it. I recommend it for all LDS missionaries regardless of where they are serving.  Thanks for all you did for me Brother Grant!

Elder Shiloh Mangus 

California Carlsbad Mission

I didn’t realize how poor my Bible knowledge was until I went on my mission. I was struggling at first trying to teach using only the Book of Mormon. My mission was in Texas and the people I was talking with were all Bible educated Christians. When they would present to me a scripture from the Bible supporting their belief or the teaching of their church, I didn’t know a Bible scripture to answer them with. My mission did not begin to take off until I learned to teach from the Bible first and then introduce Book of Mormon scripture. I wish I had this book before I went on my mission.

Chris Morgan

Returned Missionary

Brother Grant, I loved this book!  I now understand the GOSPEL so much more because I have studied the Bible through this book.  I have been able to answer my own questions as well as others'.  It has helped my testimony of the Book of Mormon as I have been able to see how they work together and testify of each other. This book is AMAZING! Thank you so much! 

Sister Danielle Marie Dean

California Carlsbad Mission

This is a great book. I have been able to answer my own questions and the questions of those I teach as I've studied the specific topics in the book. Surprisingly, I've been able to connect with those who have great knowledge of the Bible rather than "bashing".

Elder Erik Robert Kapp

California Carlsbad Mission


I wish I had this book before I went on my mission to Ecuador. It didn’t take me long to discover that I needed to teach first from the Bible. My first companion asked me, “How’s your knowledge of the Bible?” He could tell from the look on my face that the answer was “not very good”. He then said to me, “Learn the Bible and teach every lesson from it”. Was he ever right. All of us missionaries in Ecuador learned very quickly that we had to teach from the Bible before we could teach from the Book of Mormon. Once we showed them scriptures from the Bible supporting what we were teaching, they were willing to listen to Book of Mormon scripture.

Elder Cason Flygare

Return Missionary

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